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Client Testimonials

“The folks at Roland are friendly, affordable and do great work. I got two super delicate necklaces repaired/shortened there and was expecting the labor to cost more than the necklaces. Instead I both cost me around $5 and they handed them to me with a smile. Great family business, fair and helpful. Five stars!!"

Katie M. Somerville, MA

“I brought in a bracelet to the place I purchased it to get a very simple repair. They said it would take 2 weeks and would be over $50. I decided to stop in to Roland's having never been before; they repaired my bracelet on the spot, took less than 5 minutes, and insisted on not charging me.

I would highly recommend coming here, they clearly are fair with their pricing and won't cheat you unlike the mass manufacturer where the bracelet came from.

Roland's definitely has my business!”

Jenny S. Medford, MA

“So friendly and quick. We needed a watch adjustment and they did fast and for a reasonable price. We went on a Sunday and it was a little busy but there were at least two repair people and one sales person there."

Jenny K.. Annapolis, MD

“I went to the store to shorten one necklace, fix two other necklaces (the chain was in two) and change the battery in 3 watches. 

They were super quick, and brought my stuff back within 15 minutes and I realized they only charged me for replacing the batteries ($15) and didn't charge me at all for fixing the necklaces! Granted, it was an easy job, but still - it was totally unexpected and I was super appreciative. 

I came back a week later to pick up my shortened necklace and it looked great and it was cheap ($20). The people are super nice as well. 

I'd definitely recommend them - I'm glad I looked on yelp for the reviews!”

Jessica A. Somerville, MA

You will find comfort when you TRUST the person with whom you are selling your valuables to. 

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